Front Page Hair Salon  would like to invite you to visit our new website www.frontpagehairsalon.com  for all of your hair needs, why you ask? Well here's why......we have now opened up our services to the public and will be extending our services to you, our followers, clients and potential clients.


We know the importance of hair and proper hair maintenance whether it be natural hair or hair extensions so join us on the path to healthy hair and a healthy scalp. With hair extensions, you allow the natural oils that your hair needs to stimulate natural hair growth and work to the point where you will no longer need hair extensions and can style your natural hair as desired. Let us walk you through this transition with our services such a hair extension installment, Hair Weaving 101 training courses, custom made hand tied hair units/wigs, natural hair services,  and advertising.


Good hair starts from the root and we would love to style you along the way.